Pictures of Inspiration

Hi to all the picture lovers and DIY artists,


I'm Katharina, interiour designer and founder of Harmonie und Raum (harmony and space). From childhood on, I was attracted by designing and DIY. In the beginning I was just doing some painting, glueing and sticking. But soon my passion moved to gardening and interiour design. In the end I was studying interiour design at a university.

At all times pictures played a prominent role in my work and creation. They inspire me concerning colors, light, perspectives and so on. I suppose that all the creative artists amongst you may feel the same. That's why I started collecting and sharing pictures at pinterest. The pinboards deal with different subjects. Perhaps they are as much an inspiration for you than for me. Also follow me on twitter to don't miss new photos.

If you think that any picture is missing on the pinboard collections, write me and send me either the photo or the link. Perhaps I'm adding it to my photo galleries.


Enjoy viewing!